ARTIST: Betterment
TRACK: Energy
ALBUM: Defined EP
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Betterment - "Energy"

bettermentfl asked:
thanks for posting us xoxoxoxo

You’re welcome! Thanks for putting out good music! 


A few weeks ago a band called Grammer followed my personal blog and I actually listened to them and they are quite a stand up emo band!  Their sounds is so crisp and lovely and the vocals aren’t too shabby either.  

So yeah, you should follow them here and say nice things to them:

ARTIST: Camping in Alaska
TRACK: i just want to kickflip into the sunset and disappear
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Camping in Alaska - "i just want to kickflip into the sunset and disappear"

ARTIST: Betterment
TRACK: When I Blink
ALBUM: Volume Two
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Betterment - “When I Blink”

ARTIST: Angel Falls
ALBUM: Music on Vinyl 7-inch
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Angel Falls - DNA

ARTIST: Sunny Day Real Estate
TRACK: Bucket Of Chicken
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Sunny Day Real Estate - “Bucket of Chicken”

Anonymous asked:
can you post sunny day real estate's "bucket of chicken"?

sure :)  i’m posting it up right now 

ARTIST: You'll Live
TRACK: Pretty Good Rainbow
ALBUM: Above The Weather
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You’ll Live - “Pretty Good Rainbow”