The Front Bottoms - Swimming Pool

posted 12 hours ago on Jul 28


July 7, 2014
Thigh High Club House

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Anonymous asked:
I came from a really rural area about 2 and a half hours from Philly and pretty much everyone in that area has horrible taste in music. Then I moved to the Lehigh Valley, which is definitely better (Secret Artspace was really cool, RIP). I was really anxious about being in a new place. It was there that I saw Slingshot Dakota, they were so sweet and nice when I got to talk to them and that's when I started listening to DIY kind of stuff. So yeah.

That’s so awesome! Seriously, the best way to meet new people when you move somewhere is to go to a show you love. Also, come off on anon so you can tell me whether rural Pennsylvanians have southern accents or not. Random curiosity. 

posted 2 days ago on Jul 26
The Hotelier have had a huge effect on me, i havent encountered any other band that has expressed some of the things they do so well. The Front Bottoms were the first "emo" or w/e band i got into so they led to my taste being how its is. twiabp is one of the most comforting bands i like, the way they write about stuff reassures me and makes me realize that im not alone in dealing with a lot of shit.

Yeah, the hotelier’s vocals alone are a just a punch to my gut. In the best way possible. 

posted 2 days ago on Jul 26
oldpaddy asked:
I don't think any band has affected me like Jawbreaker. Blake's songwriting is perfect, always. No one's lyrics can pinpoint a specific feeling the way he can. The music is moody and aggresive in spots and beautiful and dark in others. U can publish.

Yessssss. Not gonna front, Accident Prone has made me weep. 

posted 2 days ago on Jul 26
Toy Boats. I saw them with Title Fight and they basically opened me up to all sorts of emo music, specifically the easier stuff like Dads and Empire! Empire! but then I started looking into early emo like Cap'n Jazz and American Football, then from there into the early screamo. Basically Toy Boats got me into the whole emo spectrum. CHECK THEM OUT THEY RULE!

Dude, I’m listening to Toy Boats right now and I really like them! 

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Alright followers I have a question for you now

Fill up my ask box (or submit), telling me about a singular band that has irrevocably changed you, challenged you, or comforted you.   

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Anonymous asked:
Christie Front Drive?

I love the song Pipe off Anthology.It’s my favorite song by them at the moment. 

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